Where in life can I find something in that there’s no benefit from me being mindful? I had some smart people come up with some ideas.

For example, with money and being successful, do you not think presence will help you make smarter choices? Actually there’s science again supporting the fact that whatever your endeavor is, whatever you aspire to be or do, calming your mind down, not reacting to people, promotes rational, logical thinking. You actually make better choices. You literally become a better version of yourself.


You tell me, what would a better version of yourself be able to accomplish? No matter what it is, you know that optimizing brain function is going to get you there easier.

I would encourage you to chase what you think is going to make you happy. When you get there, being cursed as a human being with self-awareness, you get to look at what you accomplished and ask yourself does this make me happy? That’s the process of evolution. Personal evolution is really journeying off and chasing what you think will make you happy, and discovering for yourself. Inevitably you will find that it’s endemic in you to be more mindful. Presence is always the fabric of your existence.




Brian Cunningham is the CEO of PureLife LLC, and has also worked as a personal trainer for Equinox.

Host of Quantum Physiques Radio and Featured Writer in Positive Impact Magazine.