To be human is to have problems, dreams and aspirations as of yet unfullfilled, regrets over the past, and often anxiety over the future. Fortunately there are shortcuts to help us feel better and get back on the right track. As the creator of Gabatrol, a product that provides almost instant relief from stress and anxiety, I get dozens of phone calls every week from people in emotional stress. As a guest speaker on various radio shows, I speak on the epidemic of stress and anxiety gripping millions of people, freezing them from making progress in their lives. What I have discovered is that, besides natural products like Gabatrol there are other ways out of the fog of negative emotions.

Researching the issue extensively, in part for the creation of Gabatrol, I realized we need to address this issue on all levels; mind, body and spirit. A healthy body provided a solid foundation for the challenge of life. So one must eat right and exercise. Sleep is just as important as diet and exercise so make sure you get proper sleep.

A healthy body feeds healthy biochemistry in our brains, enabling our mind to function at its best. With the mind working at its best, its easier to have it shift into a positive, problem solving mode faster and with more efficiency.

Negative Comes Natural:
When facing a problem, we need to actively engage our mind in thinking outside the box. And this box is the natural confines of human nature. A nature which is all too often negative. In a world of increasing entropy, there are far more negative outcomes than positive ones for a fragile organism such as the one we find ourselves in. Our language reflects that too with somewhere like 6-10 times more negative words than positive.

So thinking outside the box is to realize that first off – our negative state is there because its natural, not because it is necessarily right. If we stop to think, we can also realize there are positive sides to the issue, and now in this awareness, we can choose freely to adopt this positive perspective. When given two equal potentials, the intelligent thing to do is choose the one that can make us feel good. Choosing this will naturally shift your mood and you will feel better.

This may be hard to see in the present, but think back to your past – you should see that many problems ended up opening up positive doors. So every negative has a positive attached to it. Look for it and you too can break free of negative emotions!

For example, one of my clients had breast cancer and lost her job at the same time. She was devastated as she needed that job to support her family. And the stress of cancer was intense as well. But this forced her to take better care of herself, and to wake up and take a more honest look at her life. In the process she realized her job made her so unhappy it may have been a factor in her getting sick in the first place. The cancer was beaten with a combo of conventional and alternative therapies, and it put her on a new path that has her now happier, healthier and with a dream job making more money. So she can look back and be grateful for the cancer and job loss.

Start the ‘shift’ in your thinking and watch the possibilities open up – it all starts NOW! (And by that I mean practicing ‘now’ – aka presence or awareness).


Bio: Brian Cunningham, MS is the founder of Pure Life. With a graduate degree in Epidemiology from New York Medical College that focused on nutrition, he has over 20 years experience in a variety of related fields. This includes environmental health, pharmaceutical & medical research, nutrition and fitness training.

Brian’s nutritional formulations have been recommended by many health professionals and, not one, but two #1 New York Times Best Selling Authors.