Gabatrol Daily


(Note: This is NOT original Gabatrol, but a new Phenyl-GABA free version) New Gabatrol Daily is a potent blend of ingredients that help decrease stress & negative emotions while improving focus and mental performance. Featuring plant based Phyto-GABA with a blend of supporting ingredients designed to increase its effect and duration, it is much more potent than Pharma-GABA and other regular GABA products. Its non-habit forming formula has no tolerance issues and is best for anyone looking to:

  • Reduce stress and negative feelings on a daily basis
  • Overcome phobias and social anxiety
  • Increase focus and mental performance
  • Boost willpower and motivation
  • Enhance meditation & other stress-reducing activities
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Stress is the #1 health risk affecting both mind and body. And GABA is the #1 anti-stress feel good neurotransmitter. Studies show that depression is also affected by low GABA levels more than low serotonin. Increasing serotonin can also be risky: the heart and gut have most of our serotonin receptors, so the risk of side effects and heart issues is ever present. So using GABA is a better strategy. The problem with regular GABA is that it does not get into the brain where it’s needed most. The blood-brain barrier prevents it from doing so, thus limiting its benefits.

Gabatrol Daily solves this problem and more. It features plant-based phyto GABA. Plant-based GABA has been shown on studies to work better than synthetic versions. Combined with a support matrix to increase GABA levels in the brain it gives results you can feel.

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