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SKU: Neuropep, 90 caps


The ultimate product to optimize brain function for your high performance life!

The mind and body connect through your neurological system. With Neuropep, you can strengthen that connection for improved neurological function in every area of your life including work, school, and the gym.

Neuropep amps up key performance factors such as blood flow neuronal firing, and communication, and recovery and regenerating factors like Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). The ingredients in Neuropep also protect you from toxins, oxidative stress, excitoxicty and physical trauma.


Key Ingredients:

N-Phenylacetyl-L-Prolylglycine Ethyl Ester: This amino acid peptide has been shown to improve many aspects of brain function including focus, cognition, memory, and learning. May also increase physical strength.

Methyl-Cobalamin: The active coenzyme form of B-12, it's been shown to aid in cell growth and replication. Besides enhancing brain function and nerve conductivity, it also helps maintain a healthy sleep-wake cycle.



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