Powerful herbal adaptogenic formula to optimize brain function (focus, cognition, energy) while also reducing stress, anxiety and depression!

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SKU: Kanna Bliss, 60 vegetarian capsules


Happy, focused and energized – Kanna Bliss delivers like no other product.

Kanna Bliss is a unique blend of benefit-rich adaptogenic herbs featuring organic Kanna. Together they optimize brain function and systems like the adrenals and nervous system while also reducing stress, anxiety and depression!

Modern life is very demanding and takes a huge toll on our mental and physical health. This pressure can weaken immune, adrenal, and thyroid functionality. Herbal adaptogens can help restore these vital systems to naturally recharge your mind and body.


Key Ingredients:

Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum): An herb from South Africa that has been used for centuries to restore energy and treat depression.

Rhodiola: May enhance energy, mood, and brainpower; and lower cortisol, depression and fatigue.

Cordyceps: Support for autoimmune diseases and leaky gut; may have anti-aging effects and reduce inflammation.

Bacopa: May boost memory, brain function, focus and learning (Helpful for those with ADHD); May help reduce pain, lower blood pressure, and regulate serotonin and dopamine levels.

Ashwagandha: May support adrenal and thyroid health, lower cortisol, and boost mood.

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