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Relax and drift peacefully into a deep, restful sleep with Eden!

Studies show that poor sleep can lead to a host of problems including weight gain, inflammation, impaired immunity & emotional issues like depression and stress.

A great night’s sleep can increase your energy levels and turn back the aging clock by releasing growth hormone and melatonin, two of your body’s most important hormones.

Discover how energized and refreshed you’ll feel from a great night’s rest with Eden!

Key Ingredients:

Phenyl-GABA: the only form of GABA proven to elevate brain GABA levels. Helps reduce stressful thinking that increases insomnia. Promotes relaxation and enhances deeper, more restful sleep.

Magnesium Glycinate: Unique for of highly absorbable magnesium that does not produce intestinal upset. Supports muscle relaxation, nervous system health & may reduce nighttime leg cramping.

Melatonin: This hormone is not a sleep aid, but helps to regulate circadian rhythm. Has anti-cancer and anti-aging properties. Anyone exposed to blue light at night (TV or phone) has lowered melatonin levels. We add a small amount to mimic the natural amount of melatonin the body manufactures.

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30 capsule botte for only $25.95, 60 capsule bottle for only $49.95


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